rawr_nya (rawr_nya) wrote in add_me,

Bonjour mes chéris!

I'm looking for some new LJ friends! Ones that won't mind reading about my confusing, sometimes boring and other times dramatic life. And commenting on my entries is a plus ;P

As for what I'm like...

I don't feel quite comfortable writing my name or about where I live, etc. in a community entry...so I'll be mysterious for now.
•I love fashion, even though I don't exactly have an impeccable closet. I'm very picky when it comes to clothes I actually purchase.
•I'm nice, I promise.
•I live for my friends and don't know what I'd do without them...but other times, I just like to be alone. It's not that I'm anti social, but everyone loves a little private time, non?
•I like to run, especially to energetic songs on my iPod.
•I am a professional procrastinator. I hate it, but it always happens.
•Writing is one of my passions; I'm trying to get back into it after ignoring it for about a year.
•I love to read.
•Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure ;P
•I love French and how effortlessly sexy, elegant, and fabulous it sounds!
•Random cute things are my weakness.
•I have a boy that I will write about a lot in my journal, so if you don't care to read those sorts of things, you are warned.
•The beach is one of my favorite places to be, hands down.
•I tend to ramble and vent a lot.
•I think I'm a bit neurotic as well. ;P What can I say, I like to channel my inner Elliot (Scrubs)
•I'm basically just your average teenage girl, trying to get by in a crazy world filled with mis-communication, catty fights, cute texts, not-so-studying, and dreams that I hope I will one day acquire.

Sound interesting? Then add away, my darlings!!

By the way, I promise I will comment on your entries and take a genuine interest in your life. Seriously!

Au revoir pour maintenant, mes chéris!


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