dull, gunk-covered pennies. (juliaxoxgulia) wrote in add_me,
dull, gunk-covered pennies.

18 years young, five foot nothing.

Looking around, I see a stuffed blow fish and a bullfrog purse... made of real bullfrog. Splatters of dry, caked on clay paint the walls and glazed creations spot the room. Those are pretty obscure clues on my location, so I will just tell you. I'm in my ceramics classroom, currently taking my teacher's office as hostage and hording the computer.

I do most of my updates at school. Since computer access is at a low, low level.
I try not to rattle about the boring stuff in my LJ, but some things stress me and I have to get it out through words. My profile is set to friends only. I always comment back. I'm a graduating senior in high school, and I'm going to have to start off at the bottom of the pecking order in a few months. I'm a little worried about the transition.

I like online friends more than most of the people in my life. I don't take bullshit, and I give honest opinions. It takes a while to get my loyalty, but when you do, it's worth it (but that usually applies to people I meet in person).
I connect to people better when all the bullshit is burned off and I get to see the meat of the person.

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