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My name is Meg. I'm 21 years old and a rising Senior in college. I have had this LJ for nearly four years but have just now found the motivation to write in it regularly. I am addicted to diet coke and Facebook. I love watching bad reality tv shows and television news. I'm a highly opinionated, highly involved Democrat. I have worked for two presidential campaigns. I am working on my Senior thesis, which is on campaign finance laws and the Internet. I am highly involved on my college campus. I am not a music snob (I don't care what bands you listen to, you're probably cool no matter what). I work hard during the week because I like to play hard on the weekends. I love going to the movies. This year, I'm going to be volunteering at the musical festival Bonnaroo. Finally, the love of my entire life graduates tomorrow and is leaving me to move across the state, so I'm heartbroken and mopey. I'm writing him handwritten letters in the hopes of winning him back.

If you add me, I'll add you.

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