my mind is a weapon. my heart's the extra clip. (babyguns) wrote in add_me,
my mind is a weapon. my heart's the extra clip.

i've done this a million times and 90% of the people i add/add me, don't work out for usually more than one reason but hey, why not, right?

i'm jennah, 20 years old, in a "committed relationship"with my high school best friend, have a little boy - 18 months. i go to aveda in st petersburg, florida and i live in venice (venice beach?) with my guy, my son and my brother. dyed, pierced, music, yadda yadda. alot of my entries are about my family - my son and my guy, school and really crazy shit that happens to me on an almost daily basis. half of it are "what the fxck just happened" moment posts so i'd have to say my journal's pretty interesting.

i cannot - cccccaaaannnnnnootttttt - stand people who don't update their journals or post constant twitters and memes or whatever. i haven't posted a meme since at least 2002 and i don't even really know what twitter is. i do like reading actual entries, interesting stuff, not the entires of where you list everything you actually did that day without a hint of reflection or any kind of real substance. i get bored easily, i have the attention span of a gnat and if i'm bored after 4 or 5 entries, i'll probaby delete you. i'm really good at pissing off people on my friends list - but only the ones who are just downright stupid and fail to notice their blatant mistakes. like the girl who tries to get pregnant by the guy who neglects her because she thinks it'll save their relationship... or the guy who dosen't stop hanging out with his ex girlfriend of like 5 years to "be friends" instead of getting over her. or maybe the single mom who has an addiction to buying designer handbags but still can't afford to take care of herself and her kid(s), even with food stamps - and think that's ok. if you're one of those people or can think of something you do that's really dumb, please don't add me. other than that, i'm insightful and a genuinely nice person, even if it dosen't seem like it sometimes.

i have a few "lurkers" in my life, so i have a few rules about adding people like, i don't add journals made after 2007 and i don't add people who don't have any friends, or only a few and journals who have little to no postings. there are a few other basic guidelines like don't be a moron but that's kind of obvious.

add me first & then comment on my friends only page to let me know that you did.. otherwise, i honestly will probably never know that you added me. or add you back.

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