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hiyah, add me?

I used to have two journals here on LJ but I came back and don't have any friends now. :( I'm pretty friendly  - and a lot sarcastic - and I love chatting it up with people.

My general interests include: these particular tv shows [hells kitchen, kitchen nightmares, american idol, secret life of american teenager, parking wars, say yes to the dress, wife swap & court tv shows], i love music - mainly top 40 is what I'm currently (always) listening to, robots/robot designs, photography, writing - of pretty much any kind, reading - non fiction, and all of the arts -- drama, writing, the technical stuff, photography, fashion, etc. 

Add me if you're interested in any of that. Or, even if you aren't -- just know that's what I talk about. 

I'm highly addicted to facebook, twitter and texting on my blackberry... so if we become great friends, you'll be added to all :) 

Leave me a note or go ahead and add me. :) 

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