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this is just to let everyone know there are still places going for the RTA/email group strive. it has officially being going for a month now and is very active and fun. with summer coming up, it means most of us don't have classes and therefore more time. that means we want more mail! there are 11 of us at the moment.

if you are online a lot, email "savvy" and love making friends... will take part in replying to activities, surveys and send your own creative emails on your life, opinions, photos, music, whatever... please join :)

all you have to do is email me at: little.linguistic.tree@gmail.com with 'strive info' in the subject or something like that. let me know if you know anything about RTA's & what you would like to know. RTA = reply to all. RTA's are an email group where instead of replying personally, you reply to a whole group. creating a circle of emails.

we are very active and fun! we hope to hear from you.

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