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So, after trying to keep a LJ for as long as possible, I deleted it and started over since I'm finally comfortable about speaking about my feelings without having to worry about how I come across anymore. My name is Christine, I'm 18, I live in Biloxi, Mississippi. College is more like a party but I enjoy the education part. I'm currently a theater major but still deciding if I should change my major or stick with it, even though I'll be a starving actress (words of my mother). I'm very passionate about the things I love and is willing to take anything down if it blocks me from it. I have this weird habit of everyone knowing how I feel at this very moment. If I feel mad or sad, I expect you to know, which is something I know I need to change. I enjoy my own company and stick to myself. I enjoy reading a good book or listening to music, since it blocks out the outside noise. Apples complete me. I enjoy tattoos and I'm always thinking about getting a huge one but I just a simple "L" on my wrist for my mom's name. One day I will get a huge ass one and be happy. I love animals and I connect with them more than I do with actual people. I hate talking on the phone but I LOVE texting. Facebook and Myspace are addicting, along with Converse shoes. I'm the type of person, if someone insults me...I come up with a comeback five hours later.

Add me! (:

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