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Hello Everyone!

My name is Lisa, a 27 year old woman from the state of Wisconsin. I've been around Live Journal for the past four years and I've been using it as a venting place to help me cope with depression and anxiety. I must warn you that I am not exactly one of those happy, bubbly people, yet I don't quite fit the stereotypical emo type. If you aren't comfortable with this, my journal isn't for you.

However, my journal also consists of: religion/christianity, weight loss/ trying to eat right, my cat morgan, society ranting, music/movies, astrology, occasional photos, you tube posts, apartment decorating progress posts, vacations, politics, family, mental health, tech school, dreams, wishes, random articles and whatnot. I'm also on an endless search of finding the right direction and purpose in life as well. Once in awhile, I might post some artwork- if I'm in a mood for it.

I welcome anyone and everyone from all walks of life. I will never judge anyone based off race, sex, background, or beliefs. However, also don't like dealing with trolls and arguing, which might result in a ban. Debating is always welcomed with various topics though. They are fun and interesting!

I add everyone who adds me.

I'd love to get to know you!

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