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Add Me or Hate Me

Me and my Baby, Kalan (my nose looks retarded in this pic lol)

I'm sure most of you already know me. Well, lets pretend that you don't. Hi, I'm Kayla. I'm 18 years old and I am a senior at WHS. I am in colorguard and I hate it. I am in the FBLA and I love it :) ... I choose to not have many close friends because I have learned that most of them are crap anyway. Trust me, they are. The few that are close to me are the best people that you will ever meet... and trust me, they are! So anyways,I live with my mom and little brother & sister. We fight like hell. Everyday. Most of the time it is over stupid stuff, like who ate the last debbie cake or who changed the screensaver on the computer. Sometimes my mom joins in. At the time we are so pissed at each other, but after a couple of hours we will laugh at our stupidness. If you are wondering where my dad is in this picture, well he is not. He lives somewhere else with his new wife and his little twin daughters. I am not bitter at this, I think things were better off that way. Okay, so you know about my school and home life. Next is my love (coughahahacough) life. Yeah I am in love. Who? Kalan Matthews. When? Ever since the 5th grade. Why? Hell, I'm still trying to figure that one out lol. He is my honeybun and I am is pecan swirl. Aren't we soo cute that it makes you just wanna throw up? Yeah, I know we are. So... you know about my love, family, and school life...what else is there? Oh my interests! I love music (rock & metal), I love food (cheese burgers, pizza, french fries, cakes, bacon, ham, KFC chicken, banana-nut muff... hell, I like everything), I love the color red, I love clothes from Rue21, I love Guitar Hero, I love the internet, I love ice cream (wait, that is a food, shit!), and most of all I love being me. I know I will complain about myself often, like my hair, my weight, my dumbness, and my lack of positive insights, but through all of that I am very strong-headed, and I am not a follower of others which makes me unique. Some see that as being strange, well then... whatever. Well, at least I am not Plain Jane or Wanda the Whore... or Heather the Hater... or Flo the Follower. Well, this pretty much sums me up. Love me or hate me. Take or leave it. This is me and I am always going to be the same.

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