vodkalauren (vodkalauren) wrote in add_me,

My name is Lauren and I'm 23 this year. I live on the east coast of Australia. I think this is one of the most perfect places in the world to be. I have two loves of my life, one is 24 years old and one is 9 months old.

I'm not always full of witty quips and sometimes people call me a bitch and I can sometimes be as thich as a house brick, but I am real. I like honesty and I like to live by the fact that honesty is the best policy & I hate the fact that sometimes I'm a hypocrit, but shutup, cos I bet you are too!

I love a lot of things, mostly things that everyone else thinks are dorky, I love everything from the 80's, but especially their cartoons. I like reality TV but I hate watching it all the time, I like X-Files and I wish that I could see them two kiss. My love laughs at me because I want someone to kiss on every TV show. =) I can't help it, I like seeing kissing/raunchy scenes.

I love making friends. I love Nine Inch Nails. I hate AC/DC but don't mind spending near $200 on one ticket to make someone else smile. I like to see people smile. I think I'm nice like that.

Mice scare me. I'm a bit of a girl, okay, a lot of a girl, I scream and cry and run and throw things.. But I'm scared to kill them because their families will come back to bite my archilles tendon.

This is a bit of insight into what you'd be putting up with if you added me as a friend. If you're still keen, comment me on here or over at my journal and we can be friends!

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