helterxskelterx (helterxskelterx) wrote in add_me,

I'm lonely. :(  My friends list, it is so tiny!

Haha, I'm looking for folks who are looking for folks.

I'm going to be 22 in July, I'm female, and a student.  I'm still unsure about my major, ping-ponging between Criminal Justice, English, History, and Political Science.  I failed two years of university for being a complete lazy ass so I'm back on my third and last try.

I play a lot of WoW (80 Human Prot/Holydin; 75 Nelf Shadow/Holy Priest; 70 Belf Fire Mage, 70 Belf Affliction Lock) and I'm in the middle of a weight-loss "journey" for lack of a cheesier word.  (Started at 212 pounds, at 155 now, end goal around 130.)  I live in a rather small Utah town; I listen to almost everything but love harder stuff like KMFDM and VNV Nation . . . along with weird stuff like Aqua and Toybox. :D


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