Christia (achristiaworld) wrote in add_me,


I'm Christia,
I'm 23
I'm a mother of 3
Two of which are step kids.

I'm kinda bitchy sometimes, but who isn't
I'm nice most of the time.
I'm over opinionated.
I comment when I've got an input,
I read entries most every day,
and if I miss a bunch I tend to go back and read them..
I'll post if I don't get around to it..

I'm real.  I'm just me, I'm not trying to impress you or any other person on earth.
I don't have many friends, because most people in Michigan tend to be morons,
and the two people who weren't moronic moved far away and barely come around.
I don't travel. I like to travel  but with 3 kids, this is pretty impossible plus I'm far to occupied with other stuff.

I like all kinds of music.
I like photography,  mainly Black and White, old stuff, landscape...  random objects.

So if your a fairly down to earth person,  who would like to be friends with meeee.
WHo isn't looking for some exaggerated list of people to make myself look cool give me an add.

If your like old,  and still read valley high books, don't bother,  I want people who talk about there lives.
Not there omg I know why my mom didn't let me read this because there is sex in it.
And go on with the fact she still don't want you to and your like 34 ....

Age don't matter.
thats it... ask. 

oh this is a new journal so you wont be missing much lol

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