Sarah (oermbloku) wrote in add_me,

Hey, I'm Sarah. I'm fairly new to LJ and only have one friend, which I think is kind of sad.

A little about me: I'm a 21 year-old college junior (I'll be a senior this coming fall). I'm from Pennsylvania, but this semester I'm studying abroad in Germany. I'm an English major with a minor in German, so naturally I enjoy reading, writing (particularly poetry), and German-y things. I'm really shy, but I love meeting random people and getting into strange conversations. I update my journal pretty frequently, and it's mostly just stuff going on in my life and weird dreams, though I'm planning on posting some of my (possibly crappy, but not depressing) poetry.

Other random crap: I eat a lot of yogurt, I've never seen the Pacific Ocean, I wish I had a babel fish, I love/suck at dancing, I hate manicures, I have a picture on my desk of my entire family wearing reindeer antlers, I don't watch very much TV, I accept hugs from strangers.

So, yeah, that's me, more or less. Feel free to add me. Unless you're a scary stalker. Then don't. :)

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