Carrie Lynn (ladylivin) wrote in add_me,
Carrie Lynn

Introducing... me!

I'm Carrie and I live in south Florida with my Dad. I'm 21.5 and have been engaged for over two years. I'm registered as a Libertarian and currently consider myself as simply "Spiritual." The most afflicting disorder I've been suffering from is DSPS (delayed sleep-phase syndrome); this basically means my internal body clock is programmed to be awake, say, 5PM-5AM instead of 5AM-5PM. I currently have four tattoos on my body; on my lower back, right ankle, left calf and hip. I have uploaded pics of them at this location; feel free to add me if you happen to have an account on there, too.

Hobbies and topics of interest include: anthropology, barbecues, billiards, cleaning, cognitive science, current affairs, genealogy, history, mortuary science, musky fragrances, Norse mythology, psychoanalysis/psychology, scrapbooking, sensuality, shopping, sleeping, sociology and teasing my hair. I rarely watch anything outside of b-movies/cult, exploitation, grindhouse, horror and sci-fi. I'm a devote follower of the Evil Dead franchise, so you can assume I'm about as happy as a pig in shit about the recent release of Drag Me to Hell. I have always had a thing for the "dark side," even though you couldn't tell by walking past me on the street.

I listen to so many (albeit related) genres of music, hundreds and hundreds of artists, that I'd rather just refer you to my page, whereby you can scan my entire library and get a feel for what makes me move. At heart, I am a metalhead, but I prefer to not place any limitations on what is or isn't "acceptable" for me to listen to. As of the past few years, I have been deeply invested in the progressive/doom sub-genre; ten select bands I favor included Baroness, Cult of Luna, Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Minsk, Type O Negative, Unearthly Trance, Virus, Wino and Yakuza.

My fiance, Chris, and our two affectionate felines, Autumn and Zion.

And these were taken roughly a month ago.


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