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Friends wanted

Hello. My name's Misha, but I'm used to being called Batty or Envy. For now I'm 17 years old, but in 3 moths it won't be true (sadly).  I live in Slovakia and don't be sad if you don't know where it is - no one knows (lol). I'm addicted to anime and manga. Right now I live on Hellsing. :) I love listening to music (AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, MSI, The Rasmus are my favourite). I study fashion dezign in an art school  about 50 km away from my town (it's a real joy to wake up every morning at 5 lol). I'm a lesbian, right now single but that's cool. I like meeting new people so don't be scared to write me - I'll reply, I promise. Sometimes I have problems to get online (thanks to my mom and lil sis) so if I won't write you right away don't worry.

BTW I'm planning to practise human anatomy when my summer holiday starts (1st Jule) so if there is any anime guy or a girl you would want me to draw tell me. I'll put it on my to-do list. I'd get bored if I just draw my own favourite characters. lol But if I won't draw it, please, don't be mad. (puppy eyes)


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