I'll pause this game so our love will never end. (particularly) wrote in add_me,
I'll pause this game so our love will never end.

Every stamp in my collection is a place we could go.

The basics would entail that I'm Amber, I'm twenty-one years of age, I'm currently enrolled as a junior at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee with a dual major in English and history (education minor) in hopes of one day becoming a high school teacher and/or college professor, and I look like this.

I love such nonsense as walking in the rain, singing horrible songs from NOW (That's What I Call Music!) compilations in the car, baking tasty treats, pretending to be classy, Major League Baseball, smiling at strangers, eating apples, bananas and clementines, losing at Risk (and The Oregon Trail due to bear assaults that would be unlikely if I had actually traveled the trail), over-analyzing silly things, not always making sense, lovin' John Adams and poking fun at the Cold War era, pretty dresses, shopping, which definitely includes thrifting, coloring inside the lines, four-square, racket sports, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, obnoxious indie music, visiting historic landmarks (. . . and having light saber battles on the fields of Gettysburg), exercise, nap time, puppies, and eating my veggies.

On the flip side, I dislike zombies [best book ever?], unnecessary drama, Wisconsin winters, people who tear others down for fun, fried food, and professors who lecture out of the book. (=

Oh, and I make all my smileys backward.

I try to comment as much as possible (and I do as a means of procrastinating on meaningless literary criticism and due to a general interest in any one's life that is not my own), and I'm definitely not looking to just make my friends list bigger. People have disappeared lately, which means everyone is on indefinite hiatuses (or permanently deserted their journals), so I'd just like some consistent new reads. I hope everyone is having a lovely start to June!


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