CharlotteOmalley (greys_girl) wrote in add_me,

Hello, I'm pretty new to LJ and I don't no squaff about it. I'm looking for some great internet buddies on here though. Well, here goes nothing!
My names Charlotte but most people call me Shazz. I'm nearly 15 but I'm pretty mature for my age. I live in the Cleveland which is in the Northeast of England and I've spent my life up to date living there. I'm a huge fan of Greys Anatomy, it's truely brilliant! I'm a vegetarian and have been for just over a year. I'm a huge animal rights supporter, but if you do add me, please don't send me videos of any animals getting all arghhed. It sticks in my mind for weeks. Uhmmm, my biggest dislike is proberbly World of Warcraft because the majority of my friends sit and play it all the live long day and never shut up about it. I love anime, manga and cosplay. I do cosplay also. I RP frequently, you'll most likley see my RPing at communities in LJ. Ah! I never mentioned anything about my music taste. Well, I love all music, srsly. From metal to hiphop, and country to dance.

I'd perfer adds under 25. Thats if I get any haha...

Much love x


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