Shazzzzzz ♥ (shazzaroo) wrote in add_me,
Shazzzzzz ♥

Greetings to all that read this. Right, before I start, I was apart of this community and had wrote a previous about me. But my account decided to die so I've had to make a new one haha. I apologize if you've heard this before (:

Okay! Well, I'm Charlotte but most people call me Shazz. I'm almost 15, but I'm pretty mature for my age. I was born, bred and still currently living in Cleveland which is in the Northeast of England. I'm a big animal rights supporter and have been a true vegetarian for more than a year. However when I turn 18 I'll be vegan. I have an obsession with Greys Anatomy, I honestly do. Anime, manga and cosplay also lie in my hobbies. I'm not very active so chances are I'll always be on the computer haha. The only thing that I actaully hate, is World of Warcraft. Sorry WoW fans hehe. I'm always happy and optimistic. Even though I'm pretty crap at giving advice I'll always try. My music taste is, well, everything! Rock to pop, country to metal, dance to oldies. If I had to lable myself as somthing, I'd say geek. I'm a supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, even though I'm straight. Oh yes! And I'm female haha XD

Hopefully I'll make some new friends (:

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