Sketch. (nerrdcore) wrote in add_me,

I am of the female gender
my real name is embarrasing and french.
I am 20 and feel old.
I like to make words up
I have 3 tattoos and plan a lot more.
I like taking a lot of pictures so if too many pictures isn't your piece of cake, don't add meh D:
umm..i've been here a long time went away then came back to a new journal and now looking for new friends :]
I like weird music ^_^
I live in the UK...what do I do? I'm off sick from work, so I'm trying to make the best of doing something interesting before I am okay to go back :]
I'm in a relationship and have been for 2 years and 4 months and I'm engaged to him, but I can't see him properly at the moment. 8 months to go til I can :D

I am the biggest nerd in the history of nerdy things, as you might of guessed.
I like to drink and do smoke but every entry isn't going to be "omg i went clubing lolz" because I don't ^^
I do have some problems with my health, mainly mental, but don't judge me because I don't judge anyone else.
I'm er.. eccentric. My journal will most definatly not be boring. So you wanna read about random stuff and mental happenings that seem to only happen in my life, feel free to comment + add me.
now i'm rambling so if you want to know more before you add, just look at my userinfo.

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