a kiss (femme_de_loup) wrote in add_me,
a kiss

my name is malynda (i go by mynde or mimette).  i'm 22.  i live out in the boondocks in tennessee with my boyfriend  of three-ish years.  mostly i'm a simple person.  my beliefs are very traditional, but i wouldn't consider myself "conservative".  i believe ALL people have the right to live as they see fit as long as they are not harming others in the process.  i find this important to state because i don't want to make judgmental friends.

*my two brand new rescue kitties.  their names are rocco and connor.  we wanted to name then after the boondock saints, but murphy is a really ugly name...
*my man...although we have very strong differences of opinion on a lot of things.  our love is very deep...but we're are both young and learning, so naturally we have some problems.
*music.  all kinds.  from rap to country.  classic rock to pop. everything beyond and in between.  i do resent, however, christian rock bands...
*reading.  mostly fiction and biographies/true crime.  if you've read a good book lately let me know. (i recently finished carrie for the first time and am now about to start the exorcist).
*drawing.  it used to be kind of a passion of mine, but after high school it was put on the back burner.  i started again a few days ago...i have two new drawings, and to say the least i'm a little rusty.
*food.  i'm italian, it comes with the territory.
*drink. wine, liquor (tequila or jameson), beer.  tea, coffee, vitamin water.
*some drugs in MODERATION.  moderation is key.  i really do not  like sythetics...but i like to trip so acid and 2c-b are okay in a blue moon.  mostly i smoke weed.  if you have a problem with that...spare me, really.  i wouldn't say its harmless, can't know for sure...but i've been smoking for a loooong time and trust me drinking or polluting your body with meds is way worse.

i am a former addict.  i had a lot of problems growing up that i am just now coming to terms with.  i can be a real bitch sometimes.  and i really think that's all i have to warn you about.

i've seen a lot and love giving advice.  one of my dreams would be to open a center for troubled teens.  i'd like to put my bad experiences to good use.

looking forward to meeting new friends...hope i do :)

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