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let's go make out with her friends...

hei guys !!!

i made this journal back in february, but i never joined my adding communities until now. i still have all of my favorite friends on here, but i'd like some more !! so here's some junk about me, add me if you like !!!

anyway, my name is samantha, but i usually go by sam or sami, or other little nicknames. i'm eighteen years old. i live in waynesboro, tennessee. i'm a high school graduate [well almost, i'm in summer school making up a credit because i fail at life..and school]. i have a boyfriend named kane, whom i've been dating since march. he's my everything♥. after next week, i will live with my best friend ashley !!! i'm excited. i have 12 piercings [lip, labrae, eyebrow, nose, rest are ears] and 2 tattoos [a heartagram on my wrist & a tribal question mark on my ankle].
i'm taking the year off from school so i can make some extra cash for college.

you can find a pretty detailed-ish bio of me on one of the public entries of my journal. there's a short version on my info page :D

be my friend please!!!

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