stoleallhearts (stoleallhearts) wrote in add_me,

 I'm Kerry. Addicted to the office and my ipod.
I'll be deaf by the time i'm 20 and die from salt, sugar or nerves overdose. 
I like reading books, you know those things that have words and are on paper. People should read more. Its a shame. 
Right now i love John Green. Dftba 
Sometimes i act 12, and sometimes 40.
I also like being awkward. And i hate new music. Stick to when music was good. 
I'm also the art geek. 
Enough quirky facts for you?

The Smiths Morrissey The Cure Radiohead Franz Ferdinand Otis Redding Buddy Holly Sex Pistols Descendents The Beatles Blondie The Shins Ocean Colour Scene David Bowie The Clash Janis Joplin Beastie Boys Bloc Party Joy Divison Maximo Park Stone Roses Sonic Youth Echo & The Bunnymen The Stooges New York Dolls Velvet Underground Belle & Sebastian Gavin DeGraw Death Cab For Cutie Led Zeppelin Blur The Specials Madness Talking Heads Fleetwood Mac The Doors Elvis Costello The Runaways The Zombies Marc Bolan Kate Voegele

Music. ARTartarrt Art School..Sarcasm. Lying on the floor. Alcohol. Good Books.Xbox360. Daydreaming. The Rain. Doodles. Laughing. Hanging Out. Alone Time. Walking. Ipod 24/7. James Dean. Mozza. Radiohead (Thom Yorke.) .John Lennon. In my own little world. Friends. Rants. Nice smells. Eye Contact. Confusion. Mysterious things. Weird objects. Good Conversation.Not Paying Attention. Daxflame. Ignoring people. CHUCK BASS

Friends Only. Only English please. 


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