Bettina Dawes (mothergoddamn) wrote in add_me,
Bettina Dawes


I'm just going to post what's on my user profile for I am horrifically lazy like that...

I'm 24 and from Liverpool. I mainly post about my fandoms which include Bette Davis, classic Hollywood, Scissor Sisters, Nina Simone, U2, Macy Gray and The Beatles, I also love Lost, Prison Break, Dexter, Popular and The West Wing, I'm mad on Stephen King (especially The Dark Tower), I love Sweet Valley High (although I'll lie and say I love it in an ironic fashion), I love to love ironically. I love iconning, I love tilting objects at sixty degree angles, I love synching all my clocks thus inducing tick harmony and I love holding flies above globes until they freak out and are all "Whoa! I'm way too high!"

If you feel you have enough in common with me please feel free to add me!

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