Susie (chasingsixam) wrote in add_me,

I've had my journal for almost a year now and while I love my lj friends dearly, I'd really like to meet some new people on here.

-- About me --
My name is Susie. Thats me in the icon.
I'm 24 years old.
I live in Missouri with my boyfriend of 6 (or is it 7?) months.
I have a 3 year old Siamese.
I sometimes have the sense of humor of an 8 year old boy and am addicted to South Park.
I know what I want out of life -- to have fun and be happy! Simple, huh?
I love the outdoors, piercings, disney & pixar movies, and chocolate.
I'm easily amused and love cartoons.
I work with large breed dogs, but have had to put work on hold until I move to a larger city, so for now I'm between jobs which gives me more time to sit around and play Sims 3 & watch South Park.

I update on a regular basis - 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes more. I try to comment as often as possible. I enjoy getting to know my lj friends. I post about the usual stuff like the interesting happenings in my life, the ups and downs of my relationship, movies, video games. I like to post pictures once in a while (I always put these behind cuts). I keep all sexual content behind filters for those who request it - not that I talk about that much, but sometimes it does come up. I don't drink (a lot) and I don't party or do drugs so you won't be reading about any of that.

I'm looking to meet mature(ish) 17+ year olds who are easy going, open minded, and have a good sense of humor. No scene kids, please.

Comment here or on my friends only post.
Sorry, I won't add those who comment with "Added!" or the like. I like to know something about who I'm adding.

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