the resolute urgency of now (laniaaa) wrote in add_me,
the resolute urgency of now

hello, i'm hitler, you may have heard of me.

so hai!
i'm an internet whoring, extension wearing, blogging addict. music owns my soul, no jokes. genres are wide, but panic at the disco are number one baby. i'm sixteen, in college and from new zealand. yeah, that tiny little dot at the bottom of the map that some people don't even know exists. i love bandom, any live gigs & random people + things. i'm bordering on adhd, can't stop drinking red bulls and most of my friends irl are dickheads, but i love them(:

& wait. i once dropped my ipod and tried to pick it up by saying "accio." yeah. from harry potter. fml.

and, oh right. my name is lania.


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