Ayaka (ayakalacka) wrote in add_me,

shoot me. an add?

 can ya handle this?

if you can, then I think we're set bc my blog is so not that angry. 
the name's ayaka. from the not as sunny as you think state of California. Just turned the ripe age of 18 and so far, nothing has changed because I often still say im 17. In 2 and a half months, I fly up north to the state of Washington for college, Gonzaga University. yes, basketball, I know....

Can I interest you in my blog? Que pasando, you may ask...Well, random, ,meandering streams of consciouness. sarcasm. love...or rather the lack of it. philosophical conversations with myself. nostalgia and contemplative. photos of me and my people. questions left unanswered about my life and life in general. at least montly cateogorical updates on my life. that's the gist of it.

so, if you like midnight hopeful thoughts... If you're in need of inspiration, motivation, or female ego booost, then come read me.


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