Alex (itallfalllsdown) wrote in add_me,

I need an audience, don't worry I comment, i care, unless you bother me, then I'll be fair and just delete you.

Here are the warnings : I'm blunt, I swear, I can be immoral, I'm indifferent about religion, I love drugs and drinking, I talk about everything but this journal is mostly for writing, I don't tend to drone on about a certain occasion, that gets boring.. well for me, unless its stuck on my mind.

Ok now for an introduction, let me woo you, let me get under your skin.. or I can just tell you some facts, you all must love facts, lets see.

I'm 19, I've lived on my own for the past 2 years, because my family, like most, is pretty disfunctional, it makes for good laughs though.
Oh sorry my name is sarah, nice to meet you. its a pleasure.. my current hobbies consist of drawing which i do pretty frequently, hanging out with my drunken friends who are just as insane as I am, makes for interesting times, video games (xbox).. uhh I work at a music store, books love me and I love movies, zombie movies.. and humphrey bogart.., yes polar opposites and so many more. I have no interest in fashion, I don't care about celebrity gossip, and I think most people are painfully mindless. but good for you I guess, go oblivion.

Ok I guess thats enough information for now, you don't need anymore, so if your intrigued in any way then add me, why not, I don't bite.

finally if your homophobic, racist, enjoy twilight or love posting excessive pictures of yourself making pouty faces at the camera, don't add me, we won't agree with one another... then again if you like to debate ;)

see you soon.

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