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[I rather chit chat then keep quiet all the time]


Where do I even start off to explain what "type" of person I am..
I'm friendly but quiet. My typing speaks louder then my voice.
Anything to get my useless / thoughtful / day dreaming / traveling / exploring thoughts out in the open..

I'm Tori from a "small quiet" town yet big and noisy at times In Pa.
I don't really care for it here..But that's ok at this time in life.
I'm 21 years old. Not one of those party hard or social butterfly people.
Although I drink once and awhile and my happiness is concerts and traveling.

Photography,Art,Crafts,traveling,concert,music,god [yes I'm christian but not a jump down your throat kind of way],familyand other things..
Are huge in my life. They mean the world to me and help me with seeking happiness.

I'm sarcastic and different.
But different in a good way.
I'm a nice caring person..
Yet have a hard time trusting people now days.
Working out issues like depression / anxiety / etc.
Yes those are my down falls..
But soon to be fixed atleast I hope. :]

I could ramble for hours or type for a minute depending on my mood.
I love to chat with new people online..
And try to help / or give opinions.. Or just simply comment showing I care.

So I was wondering if anyone would consider being friends with me on livejournal?
Got questions feel free to ask..
As I can't express who exactly I am on one little post..
Or simply all that I know I should say.
Because everyday I'm searching for more of who I am..And that thing called happiness.





*No myself isn't my favorite thing.. lol just thought I'd post a semi picture..
My hair atm is all pink. Which is "normal" to me..If normal even exist.


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