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First things first: I'm not looking for friends just to make my LJ list bigger. I'm making an LJ comeback here, and it's actually boring me already. So I want something interesting. Something a little more than superficial whining.

My name's Nita. I'm originally from Philly but at the moment, I kind of don't belong anywhere. I might as well be a gypsy. I just finished my first year of college in Vermont and realized that college is overrated, so I'm probably going to take a year off to volunteer full-time. I build websites for fun. I'm an advocate of positive mental health issues. I appreciate good art and I try my best to express myself through it. I love all things vintage and appreciate old sitcoms more than anything. I'd say I like drugs (who doesn't?), but I'm too broke. Sometimes I am way too cheerful and jolly; sometimes I'm a total debbie downer. I try not to be.

I want to get to know you, and I hope you want to get to know more about me. Tell me more about yourself!

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