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okay, so..

Hi, I'm Maz.

I'm 19, I live in the north of England.

It rains all the time. Pretty much without fail.

My LJ is a pretty new addition to my range of internet outlets; I had one when I was 13/14 but it was full of angst and BAWWWWW and eventually I deleted it. So I made a new one, and now I need some friends to go with it, please :) I also need a layout and stuff, but I guess that will just have to wait. IDK. anyway. right.

I like to read, write, rant, take pictures, eat, sleep, cuddle and learn stuff. I also enjoy watching the formula one races, playing video games (console or PC games, RPGs mostly), attempting to cook/bake and aimlessly browsing the internet.

Reasons you should friend me:

- I'm a nice person. Really.
- I'm honest, and I care. I read and I comment if I have something relevant to say.
- I take pretty pictures of cats and baking and landscapes and trees and the like. These will be shared with my Flist :)
- I like to think that sometimes I have interesting perspectives and opinions and so on. Sometimes I'm horribly clichéd, but I like to think that for the most part I am at least a litle bit original.
- Sometimes, interesting stuff happens in my life. Mostly it doesn't, but you'd be upset if something happened and you missed it, right?

If you are any of these things, you probably shouldn't bother:

- Racist/Homophobic/Judgemental/Prejudiced
- A complete asshat.
- Really awful at grammar/spelling (I know I'm not perfect, but I like to try and keep a basic level or literacy).
- Offended by sometimes gratuitous swearing. I don't censor my posts.
- Annoyed by entries with adult content. I don't intend to post huge blow-by-blow (pun intended) accounts of my sex life, but I'm not going to pretend there might not be the odd passing comment, or even the occasional paragraph. Like I said, I don't censor MY journal.

Lastly, yes, I'm aware I currently have no userinfo or layout and only two entries. I'm working on it. Please don't hold it against me. I'm intelligent, honest and relatively entertaining, so I'm told. I like cats, lots of different kinds of tv/movies/books, the internet, psychology (I'm going to be studying Psychology at university in September), the odd philosophical debate, and lots of other stuff. I am a genuine human being. Talk to me and I'll talk back, I'm sure we'll find some common ground.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some people :) Sorry this was a little long, I guess I got carried away :/ I fail at concise posts sometimes.

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