Amberlina (wecaughtonfire) wrote in add_me,

Length Is Relative

I find that beauty is only skin deep, and we are, in fact, judged by our appearances.  
I'm really tired of passive aggressive so-called "adults," and I spend a lot of my time letting them know that they aren't as good as they assume. 
I'm a tactless person.
I speak my mind. 
I'm blunt. 
You will encounter nothing more than my musings, in this "journal" of mine. 
My entire world revolves around a boy. 
I rant, I rave, I exclaim, and I frankly do not care if you add me or not. I'm looking for someone, something, interesting to read. To keep my attention. People who spell their words correctly so that I am not caught up in every fault as I attempt to read into their life.

I care about people, I do. But lately they have lost my respect. I guess you could say I'm looking for a few people to restore my faith just a little bit. Their lives don't have to be interesting. (Hell, mine is the farthest you can get from interesting.) I just want some people who show off that they are, in fact, people. We human beings like to think, on occasion...

I like to think too much.
My name is Sara, I'm an 18-year-old wannabe lawyer who is giving up the dream for something that leaves a little bit more time for being at home. 
My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, and I am a hopeless romantic searching for reasons to stay that way. I give everyone a shot, and really only take the time to delete someone who is truly obnoxious. I've had a couple Lj's in the past, and I met some incredible people through them. It's been a while now, and I thought I'd try this community, this time, rather than trying to suck people in through my seemingly interesting writing style. 

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