mineheart89 (minehart89) wrote in add_me,

My journal is mostly friends only because a lot of it is pretty personal. Basically I'm using this as an online diary.

I truly believe that absolutely everything happens for a reason, good or bad. Life is like a book, split into many chapters. Or you can say it's like a play, split into different Acts, and there's always something that happens that moves you from one Act to the next. (I'm not into drama that much, but I don't mind a bit of Shakespeare.)

I'm at my happiest when I interact with people, whether online or in real life. Conversations and debates stimulate me. I like people who can make me think, or laugh or whatever.

Iam a bit of a writer. I've written poetry, songs, attempts at fiction, and most recently I am learning the ropes of fanfiction.

Music was my first love. Listening to it or being involved in making it. After briefly being disillusioned by music for a while I've come back to singing, and it feels good.

My dream job is to be a counsellor. I want it more than I've ever wanted anything. I'm determined to make it happen.

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