tabitha (tabby_renee) wrote in add_me,

why hello there :)

This is a new account on here. You probably can find my other ones :) inktip or open0heart . Everytime my live takes a turn or changes, or something, I make a new one :X Sad, but...I don't know. Symbolic?

I like to go to the park, and sit and read, swing (I'm a child at heart, but
everyone should be), and listen to my apparently old school portable CD Player.
I'm on my own out here, so I can't really afford a iPod or even a mp3 player,
so I'm running old school. For my age. (-; I like to wonder around downtown SLC.
There are museums to see, people to watch, etc. Very exciting.

I like words. I do graphic design. For fun anyway, I suck too much to make it a
career. Usually I am pretty rational about things, unless I'm very passionate
about it. I'm stubborn to the max. A lot of people said I am intense, but that's
what makes me fun (: I have no idea what to say when I first meet someone, so I
start talking about myself. Out of nervousness. I interrupt people when they say
something that reminds me of something else.

Books I've Recently Read
I Am Legend.
East of Eden.
The Princess Bride.
Fahrenheit 451.
random romance/comedy.

Authors I Enjoy
Michael Crichton.
Carly Phillips.
Sherrilyn Kenyon.
Lora Leigh.
James Patterson.

Movies I Recently Watched
Terminator Salvation.
The Princess Bride.
Robin Hood: Men In Tights.
Shanghai Kiss.
I Am Legend.

Bands/Singers I Currently Listen To
The Veronicas.
Kelly Clarkson.
Taylor Swift.
Lady Gaga.
Saving Able.
Fall Out Boy

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