Christina (avlpenguin) wrote in add_me,

I always hate doing these, so I'm going to be lazy. Right now I don't have userinfo so instead I'm going to post my interests list. If we have some thing(s) in common...feel free to add me.

I read, and I comment when I feel like it's relevant :D

a clockwork orange, activism, alone time, american history x, american pit bull terriers, animal rights, art, asheville, attachment parenting, being a christian, being a mom, big dogs, bipolar, brazilian jiu-jitsu, bully breeds, but i'm a cheerleader, christianity, chuck palahniuk, creativity, dnb, dogs on acid, drum and bass, earthbound trading company, empire records, environmentalism, equal rights, evol intent, facebook, family, fight club, flip flops, flyfleaf, forums, freecycling, gentle discipline, god, good food, good music, green living, hillsong united, house, humanitarianism, kissing, kurt vonnegut, laughing, leopard print, livejournal, mindless self indulgence, mixed martial arts, monogamy, motherhood,, muay thai, my kids, narcolepsy, natural living, nc, new friends, nightbreed, north carolina, parenting, photography, piercings, pirates, post secret, prison break, progressive parenting, psychological thrillers, reading, reduce reuse recycle, sarcasm, scrubs, self-love, sexuality, single parenting, skillet, snuggling, social anxiety disorder, spirituality, street punk, superchick, tank girl, tattoos, tegan and sara, thousand foot krutch, trading spouses, vegan, vegan cooking, veganism, vegetarianism, wife swap, working out, writing, writing in my journal, writing letters, young moms, изучение русского языка, изучение украинского языка, российское наследие


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