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Why can't weee be friends~...

So yeah, I got this LJ a few days ago even though I've been cruising the site as an anon for a while now. I'd love to get a bunch of friends that I can chat with, and you never get anything just sitting around, right?

Here are some basics.

1. You can call me whatever you like, the hopelessly cliche name I picked out has been translated as anything from "sin gin grain" to "singin' grain", so whatever you feel like calling me I'm up for. I also answer to Compy, since that's my nickname on FFN (yeah, i'm kind of a fanfic geek, but I haven't written much). Or Top Hat. Because I have a thing for them. ^_^

2. I'm 17, and a Christmas baby.  Well, the 23rd, but close enough. I'll be a senior in high school this fall. Favorite class is English, but lately history's been showing great appeal. I'll be taking AP Psychology this year, and I have a great fondness for dissection. It's the only reason I chose the science classes I did in high school (last year zoology, this year it's anatomy), and have so far cut into an earthworm, grasshopper, frog and sewer rat. Sorry if this squicks you out. ^^; Surprisingly enough, I don't really like gore anywhere else, except books.

3. I live in Florida, which I hate because I MUCH prefer cold winters over hot, hot, hot year-round.

4. I love to laugh, and have lengthy discussions/debates/period of fangirling over pretty much anything. I'm not someone who loves drama, because while my own life is pretty wholesome and boring, I seem to be a attracted to people swimming in it. Huge music fan, and a pretty big geek over all. Love anime/manga, fake news and shows about crippled doctors, books of all kinds, and BATMAN. X3 Villains in general, too.

5. For more, see my profile, and check out the Intro Post on my actual journal. If you add me I'll definitely add you back, and will then proceed to stalk your LJ and comment on everything I can find a comment for. ^__^

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