Little Birdhouse (toofineapoint) wrote in add_me,
Little Birdhouse

Hello! I'm looking for a few new friends to revitalize my slow friends page.

I'm almost twenty-one and I'm an undergraduate student, studying English and American literature. I'm mildly nerdy (I like Star Trek, namely TNG and DS9, and I role-play on the weekends), I'm liberal and consider myself feminist (I don't really look at political affiliations for friends), and I like reading about different people. I write about a variety of stuff, such as work, pop culture, my tedious days, etc. I read and write Latin, I'm hoping to learn Greek this fall, and I am also a writing tutor, but my grammar suffers sometimes in my writing due to my penchant for commas and parentheses.

Since this is a new journal and all of my entries are unlocked, you can take a look at my journal to see if I'm interesting enough for your discerning tastes. :-p

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