reserved_lullaby (reservedlullaby) wrote in add_me,

If you knew my story word for word,

Hello there, my name is Marie. I'm 19 years old and I don't talk well about myself so I will simply leave you with a small list of things you may or may not care to know about me.
At the moment my favorite colours are yellow and blue... but that is subject to change.
I listen to music just about 24/7. is my best friend <333
I like to touch soft things, and I wish animals weren't scared of me because I just want to know if they're soft and cuddly and/or would care to be friends with me.
Sometimes I don't post for days on end, and then suddenly make 3 posts in one day, don't add me if that will be a bother to you.
I love art, and I make small collages a whole lot. My scanner doesn't work so well though, so I rarely post them onto the internet. Someday, though, I will take the time to get them up.
I'm really rather friendly, it's hard for me to not get along with other people.

So you go, if you want to have a go at being friends then comment on my locked entry and I'll probably add you back. :]


And, well... I'm sorry to have to add this but if you post constantly about things I'm not interested in (like Twilight, fangirl/boy crud and drugs come to mind pretty fast) or can't use spell check/talk like dis al d tyme or just don't seem like someone I'd care to know... I'm sorry but I won't add you back.

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