omgitsalexis (omgitsalexis) wrote in add_me,

Hello All.
I'm not new to LJ, just decided to revamp my journal.
I had a ton of friends but I deleted 95% of them because I never really got to know them.
I'm a 20 year old, hippie stoner from Maryland, a junior in college, PR major.
Like I said, stoner, so don't add me if marijuana use bothers you.
Music: Brand New, Incubus, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Jay-Z,  Led Zeppelin, Tegan & Sarah, Rilo Kiley, White Rabbits, The Beatles... and pretty much anything like them. I also have guilty pleasures like Drake and Miley Cyrus.
Movies: Anything Tarantino, The Limey, Memento, 300, Anything with Christian Bale, Anything with Samuel Jackson.  I'm a huge movie fan, this list is hard sorry haha.
Books: I'm currently reading all of Chuck Palhaniuk's books, i'm re-reading Choke right now :)
I mostly post about my day, current events, random shit that interests me?

So if this intrigues you then add me! If not, get lost : P


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