Kelsie (19yellowroses) wrote in add_me,

this is real, this is me.

Well, my name is Kelsie. I'm 15, but you could pretty much say 16 since I will be in 6 days :D.

I guess you could call me a typical teenage girl, at least in some ways. I love shopping, boys, make-up, clothes, and cute things. But in some ways I'm the total opposite. I write fanfiction,  I LOVE reading and writing, and I'm a total nerd when it comes to getting good grades.

I love to perform. I've been singing pretty much forever, and I've been dancing since 5th grade :) I've been in A LOT of concerts, plays, recitals, shows, etc. But I HATE acting with a freaking passion.

I'm pretty shy until you get to know me, but once you do, you CAN NOT shut me up. I'm very opinionated, stubborn, emotional, and indecisive. I laugh at everything. I am also scared of everything. A lot of people would say I'm weird. Maybe that's true, but I know that I'm a good person and a good friend underneath it all :))

I am addicted to One Tree Hill, Harper's Island, and Sarah Dessen books. I watch a lot of TV, and read a lot of really typical teenage-ish books. :) I have a pretty wide-range taste in music. I love country, pop, rock, and occasionally rap. But not really.

If you want to know more go read my profile. Especially my interests section :) And if we have ANYTHING in common, or if you just think I'm a cool person. Add me...because I love to talk. Obviously.

xoxo :))

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