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I'm Moriah, and I don't have any cool pictures of myself to win you all over, so I guess this has to be extra awesome.

So. Like I said, I'm Moriah, though I often go by Riah, or, if you're my boyfriend or a toddler, Wyah. I live with the aforementioned boyfriend,jeend , or Gene, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

My interests and things I may write about include: art, painting, writing, photography, Postcrossing, movies, the occasional TV show, poetry, music and books. There will probably also be a lot of talk about my relationship, my living situation and other random things that are pretty unimportant.

I'm a terrible nerd, and I sometimes talk about nerdy things. I am also a Harry Potter fanatic, I read fanfiction, I ship Harry/Draco and am deeply attached to it. If you are also into HP, please please friend me so I have someone to babble to about that sort of thing. I promise I won't hate on you even if your ship is something stupid.

My journal is friends-only, so please comment there if you'd like to be added.

I guess this won't be extra awesome since I seem to be running out of stuff to say.

A quick note on comments: I am not much for leaving them. If I have something to say about your post I certainly will pipe up, but I don't just comment for its own sake, so if you're looking to befriend someone who will reply to everything you post, I am not that someone. No hard feelings, though.

Another quick note: I have a foul mouth. Hopefully we are all grownups and can handle that. If not, then, once again, this friendship is not meant to be.

Finally, in my journal I absolutely will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic or otherwise bigoted talk. I am all for political incorrectness, and I am more than comfortable with joking about those things that make us different from each other, but there's a line between joking around and being seriously hateful. Do not cross it.


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