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Oh, well howdy do to you all!

Ahem, technically I'm not new to live journal, because I decided to abandon it many ages ago after becoming flustered with it. So I am looking for some friends on my friendless journal, sadly.

About myself? Well I just turned 17 not to long ago. June 30th to be exact, which would make me a cancer. Woe is me. I'm found of reading, surfing the web, listening to music, oh and cats! I think I give off the impression that I'm obsessed with cats, but I'm really not. Owning 4 cats is not obsessed.

Lade-la. I absolutely hate when I'm trying to spiffen up a conversation with my vocabulary and my mind goes blank. Detest, loath, abhor. Yada ya. Everything seems to come back to me when I've got nothing sitting by my lonely self. Oh dear, how dreadful. I know I know. On that note, I have a soft spot for vocabulary words. They're my cup of tea. As one might say.

TV...Can't say I watch much of it. When I do it's things like The Soup. That way I can get all the hilarites of reality telivison without actually watching it. House MD, and random documentries.

Book wise, I enjoy reading though lately I've been sticking to reading storys on fictionpress instead of acutal novels. How pittiful.


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