ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē (youthbrigade) wrote in add_me,
ŁËМǾŃ ρǻřαđē

I just did a friends cut of people who were either inactive, or I haven't spoken with in sometime.

I post in here from time to time, trying to add the best people I can to my list. Best meaning the people I find most interesting & can easily e-get along with.

I don't do any drugs. I drink sometimes.
College student. Single. NOT a romantic.
21 going on 22.

I write about everything. Emotions, situations, day to day life, dreams, rants. I enjoy picture posts & when I'm not being lazy, I do many of them.

Pretty awesome sense of humor. Really sarcastic & nonchalant. If you "get it" you'll pick up on it in my writing.

I say too much at times & some people can't handle my opinions. Not that they're offensive or I'm overly aggressive, I'm just blunt. No sugar coating, no babying. I live in reality, not a fantasy world.
I tend to associate with people who are the same & can appreciate that quality.

So, if you're not into that kind of thing, DO NOT ADD ME.

I have a myspace & a flickr, both are on my userinfo.

The only conditions I have are on my friends only banner.
I'd like to add that please do not add me if you're below the age of 19. We would have nothing real in common.

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