Nika is reasonably happy (krazy_grrl) wrote in add_me,
Nika is reasonably happy

o hai.

I'm Nika. I'm 22. My LJ is 7 in August.

I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, though these days I live wherever I lay my hat.

I will try anything and become good at it. I've been an awkward girl ever since I can remember, and I've finally come to embrace it.

My entries span a variety of topics, from babies and rants to unabashed banter about my sex life. DDR/ITG is my oxygen, as well as one of the major staples of my journal. The transition from the angsty 15-year-old sophomore I was to the woman I am today was a rocky, yet exciting one. You'll not be left disappointed.

I'm looking for like-minded souls, people who do nothing by the book. People who write fluently, or paint or photograph in similar fashion. People who can't sing or dance, but don't care. People who love beauty and decay, loud noises and soft melodies, tragedies and fairy-tale endings alike.

I'm a sporadic writer; I can go on daily for weeks at a time, and then have a month-long dry spell. I'm equally as random with my comments, so I make no promises. I don't demand much but not to take up space in my friends list; it doesn't matter to me, frankly... if you don't like what you see, you can always delete me.


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