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Twenty year old female who has an extreme love for anything that is different and/or odd. Currently a college student who takes school very seriously. I'm the kind of female that changes herself all the time and is not afraid of new things. Mostly a photographer who has also acted as a model. English is not my first language but who the fuck cares. I love getting involved in anything that I can create, which is probably why I enjoy writing, drawing & photography so much. I was a private school child, ha ha, something that I am both grateful for and unappreciative of. Music tastes are all over the place, and I am a fan of anything that is usually in a foreign language. Have a great sense of humor, though I am told that I can be quite sarcastic.

I'm a Cuban immigrant of Cuban y Swedish y Puerto-Rican decent who now lives in NYC. Lover of videogames of all kinds, anime, etc. I also love latex fetishes immensely and on my worst day, some good porn can always make me feel all the more better. I'm fascinated by the unknown and am always (if not usually) in a day dreaming state. Travel all over when I can and take photographs anywhere I go. My journal has many locked entries, but some of which are open to the public. Love to read new journals with interesting people and will definitely comment back.

If you would like to add me, please leave a comment at my journal. =D


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