heather jane (woodshavings) wrote in add_me,
heather jane

Hello everyone :) I am a 15 year old female who loves all things nature! I am a creative person and I promise to update my journal on a regular basis, since my last journal was a complete and utter fail. It was a fail mainly because I stupidly made it during my exam times, therefore I was too busy studying to update! D:

I am quite interesting to say the least, for a 15 year old anyway. I promise not to dwell on boy problems, or be a negative nancy. I mean, I know I am different to most teenagers.
I don't smoke, though I do occasionaly drink with friends, so expect to see a drunken worded journal here or there XD

My spelling and grammer may be a bit weak, but I am trying to improve on it.

Hopefully we can be friends? Comment before adding please.

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