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looking for some new friends.

always on the lookout to meet new and interesting people. i'm not always the best at commenting obsessively, but i do comment when i have something to say. i just stole the following from my profile, because it's one in the morning and i'm feeling lazy. =)

just your not-so-average twenty-five year old. writing fanfiction, singing showtunes, taking every day as it comes and using logic to get myself out of sticky situations. a little socially retarded, but madly in love with my girlfriend of eight years. a total square who doesn't drink, drug, or sleep around, or think it's cool when others do. has little-to-no tolerance for babies having babies. thinks everyone has the right to be treated equally, regardless of gender identity, physical sex, sexual orientation, size, abilities, race, religion, or any of the other million tiny things that make us unique. loves people who make mistakes; hates people who make the same mistakes repeatedly. thinks outside the box. past the rebellion phase and has moved on to working on ways to change the system from the inside. believes in a better world, but lives in this one.

always moving towards something..


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