nikki bruno (nukko) wrote in add_me,
nikki bruno

Hello, my name is Nikki.

I'd love to be the lead singer of a rock band for a day. I have way to much craziness and energy to be wasted not singing and dancing like a fool for everyone to see.

However, after that day is done I will be perfectly content going back to my career as a Marine Biologist.

Though, I'm sure the high will be lovely and I will become addicted and therefore spend every weekend being nutso.

Only in my dreams.

I am three things: Genuine, Compassionate, and Understanding.

I have learned the hard way that most people do not possess those three qualities, and have been forced to believe they are not human =[

In other news, I like real friends. I have a few LJ friends that I have known for over five years now, and will be traveling to meet one soon. I'd like to make some more real friends.

I won't lie and say I'm incredibly interesting. That's for you to find out really. I talk a lot about random events in my day, essays on the finer points of life, and of course the details of my love, or lack of, or abundance of. It confuses me so, it will confuse you too.

Don't be afraid to ask nosy questions, or any questions. Don't be afraid to be honest =]

Let's all be real. We're all human. Lets start to prooooove it.

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