alisa. (alisaaah) wrote in add_me,


^^thats me!^^

oh hello.

my name is alisa, or ali.

whichever you like.

i have a plethora of interests, would you like to know a few?

dancing, acting, singing, doodling, people, music, movies, writing, reading, photography, sculpting, food, sexuality, etc.

more specific, you say?

incubus, crayons, laughter, smiling, robert pattinson [but not edward cullen], fictions, poetry, harry potter, fangirling, late-nights, sleep, eye's...
& a lot more.

so maybe you should add me.

you can bet your last dollar i will add you back.

though i wouldn't recommend it...
after all, that IS your last dollar, and when will you be receiving another?


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