nin<3 (hochikissu) wrote in add_me,

what up :)

i'm nin. mover of pencils about paper, builds stuff, in general just a teenager subject to a bit of geekery.

+ music
COOL JOKE, dir en grey, hyper crush, LMFAO, shiny toy guns, j-pop, jrock, kraftwerk, the cruxshadows, vnv nation, outerwork, electro, engel, death metal, kpop, sin with sebastian, techno, nox arcana, electronica, dance, fright ranger, eminem, iron maiden, sonata arctica, power metal, oasis, early fall out boy, alt rock, visual kei

+ fandoms
anime/manga, pandora hearts, ah! my goddess, G00, ouran high school host club, haruhi suzumiya, kuroshitsuji, bleach, naruto, soul eater, house, fullmetal alchemist, vocaloid, death note, tales series, the cat who books, harry potter, junjou romantica, vampire knight, star trek, firefly, painkiller jane, a lot of other things i can't be bothered to list.

+ other interests
physics, science, writing, drawing, psychology, mechanics, breaking things, fixing things, computers, computer programming, general technology, going over speed limits, street fashion, making graphics, scifi, dystopian fiction

hope to make some new friends! =3

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