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Add me?

I'm really not quite sure what to put here...hummm....My name is Janni, and this LJ is really my place to vent, or blab about my day and also a place where I can let my SO in on the little thoughts I don't speak about but would like to express on the net because sometimes it's easier to write things than it is to say them. There's not really too much to me. I'm a male to female transexual, I'm quite open about it, and also a lesbian with a wonderful girlfriend. No, I'm not really a feminist (I'd like to think I detest just about every group of people equally) but I am a little skittish of the male sex, at first at least due to a past trauma. I do love to talk , despite my initial shyness. I also fancy myself a bit of a furrie, but not by much as far as fandom standards go, I just like a bit of RP on furcadia and some tasteful art here and there. So if you'd like to talk add me, message me, whichever, I'm always open to new people. <3

Oh and here's my ugly mug, enjoy, be blinded, whatever XD . Yes, dorky me in my dorky pac man ghostie tee.


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